Ask Him, Her or Them For a Modapelle Handbag

We know your type. Right now, you’re window shopping on the web. Some of our products have caught your eye. Maybe you’ve bookmarked a page or two. Over the next year, you’ll come back and admire your favorite bags a few times, but you won’t buy any of them. You’ll imagine the soft Nappa leather and the rich colors. You’ll picture the beautifully thought out, well crafted detailing and the unique designs in your mind’s eye. You’ll imagine our bags with the clothes that you’ve also bookmarked and will not order.

You never buy yourself nice things. When you have extra money, you spend it on your kids, your parents, your pets, your partner, or your nieces and nephews, never on yourself. When you do buy something for yourself, it’s inexpensive. It’s 75% off, past season or from one of those big box stores. “It’ll do for now,” you think. “It’s not going to give a bad impression.” But do you really love any of it? With rare exceptions, no.

Don’t Just Bookmark the Page

Don’t bookmark the page and tuck it away into a subfolder in your browser menu. Send it to someone. Send it to someone who you know is going to be buying you a gift. You might have a birthday coming up, or perhaps an anniversary. Next Christmas is sooner than “never,” so why not ask for a Modapelle purse for Christmas, even if it’s many months in the future? Send the link to your husband, your boyfriend, your kids or your parents. Send it to one of the many people you’ve been good to, one of the ones who notices. If you’d like a nice new purse for a change, one that isn’t just an acceptable leftover or a cheap imitation, then ask. You deserve to have one useful, stylish thing that’s high quality and exactly to your taste. A handbag is a perfect choice. It’s something you can use every day and it will always fit.

So Many People Love You

Some people seem to traipse through life, never consciously noticing how others are helping them along. You are one of the people who’s always helping and maybe you think nobody notices. But, even when that seems to be the case, it isn’t always. The people you’ve been making sacrifices are grateful and they love you. They think of you a lot even if they don’t always call or write and they want to do something nice for you. It makes them feel bad that they don’t know what would make you happy.

Hand Painted Leather Handbags - So Many People Love You

So Many People Love You

If you were to e-mail them and say “This would make a great gift for me,” then they’d be thrilled. There’d be no guessing, no more pacing the isles wondering what to buy you. Because you’re always compromising when it comes to your own clothing and accessories, nobody knows what you really like. If you tell them, they’ll appreciate it. You give and give. Let him, her or them give you something to show their love and gratitude.

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