Carry Your Shopping in a Modapelle Bag 

Fifty years ago, plastic shopping bags looked modern and perhaps even chic, especially when they had the name of an exclusive boutique printed on them. Today, we’re all conscious of issues of recycling and reuse. Those disposable boutique bags seem a little wasteful and ostentatious these days. We know that disposable plastic bags harm the environment.

Many of us have reusable shopping bags for trips to the supermarket. They’re great, aren’t they? They can carry heavier loads than paper bags and they don’t lose strength when they get wet. They’re stronger and much easier on the hands than disposable plastic bags, too. However, most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable taking one of our trusty supermarket bags to the mall or downtown. They’re not exactly stylish, are they?

Let’s face it, some kinds of shopping call for a sleeker image. However, you can still shop fashionably with a reusable bag. A Modapelle bag will last for many years and is an excellent investment. Here are a few ideas for Modapelle bags that make the right impression on your swishest shopping expeditions.

Large Leather Handbags - The Modapelle Bags For Shopping

The Modapelle Bags For Shopping

Idea Number One: A Fashion Picture Bag

Take a look at the hand-painted picture bags on page 10 of the Summer 2014 Catalogue. Hand painted bags are very much in fashion, and they’re an accessory that is so inherently creative and distinctive that, years in the future when they might be harder to find, you’ll be glad to have purchased one while they were on trend. They can be used as purses, but they can also be carried as extra bags for purchases.

Idea Number Two: A Fashion Backpack

If you prefer something a little more sporty, then just move your eye down the page a little and take a look at our beautiful, colorful leather backpacks. Again, these can be used instead of or in addition to a more conventional purse. They combine style and practicality like nothing else.

Idea Number Three: A Fashion Trolley Bag

Take a look at Modapelle’s collection of luggage on page 13, too. It’s not just for the airport. What could be more perfect for shopping than a bag with a leopard skin pattern, a collage of celebrity pictures, cute fashion drawings or Vogue Magazine covers? Best of all, they have retractable push bars and wheels and can take the load off so that you can keep shopping all day in complete comfort.

Since Modapelle bags are so high quality and stylish, you’ll feel comfortable using one of the larger, simpler ones as a carry bag wherever you go. The bags above are great examples, but there are many designs in the Modapelle catalogue that would work well for carrying shopping and work as well as essentials. They look great for work and travel as well as for shopping.

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