A Special Handbag For a Special Event 

Modapelle handbags are both adaptable and distinctive. Many of our purses can coordinate with special occasion outfits, including the kind of attire you’d wear to an event such as a wedding, a charity ball or a prom. However, that special bag need not be shoved to the back of a drawer, a shelf or a closet after you’ve used it once. You’ll find that every potentially formal Modapelle bag is ready to go from the receiving line to the street.

You’re Picking Out That Special Outfit

You’re going to an exciting event and it’s a great opportunity to show off your sense of style. You’ve got a little extra in the bank and have given yourself permission to splurge on a whole new outfit: dress, shoes, purse, the whole shebang. Modapelle has a huge variety of handbags in many sizes, shapes colours and designs. The first question is, which one will coordinate best with the outfit you’re planning? The second is, which will you most likely continue to use after the big event?

How To Find the Perfect Formal-To-Casual Purse

Not all Modapelle handbags have a look that’s compatible with formal dress, although with the right outfit, many would work. Formal purses tend to be handbags, shoulder bags and clutch purses. Cross-body bags and backpacks will not usually take you anyplace more formal than the office. Look for bags that have a strong geometry, especially bags that hold their shape. Soft bags that drape and wrinkle are more casual than bags that are stiffer and more controlled. In past decades, smaller bags were considered more formal than larger bags, but that’s changing.

Modapelle bags that would work with the right formal outfit include all the bags on the page three of the Summer, 2014 catalogue and a few of the bags on pages five, nine and 21. All of those bags have the potential to go from formal to casual. To choose the right one for you, coordinate the bag with the outfit you’re wearing for the special event and make sure that it has the practical features that you need to meet your everyday requirements, too.

Here’s an Example

Model number 6099, “Black Flower,” is one example. This purse is on page 21 of the Summer 2014 catalogue. It’s a patent leather bag with a subtle, deep purplish-pink and green flower pattern. It has distinctive silver-colored hardware and an elegant shape. This is a bag that would work with many different kinds of formalwear, but it would also look fantastic with a pair of jeans. Here are two contrasting looks we’ve put together for this beautiful bag.

Hand Painted Hand Bags - Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit
Hand Painted Hand Bags - Perfect Formal Outfit

Perfect Formal Outfit

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