Two Bags in One

Often you will see articles in fashion magazines extolling the virtues of a “capsule bag,” that elusive perfect handbag that looks amazing and works in any situation and with any outfit. If you aren’t convinced that one bag can do everything for you, then why not consider one of our convertible pieces? You can adapt them really easily for different situations. They can all be worn in different ways and easily fit into both your work weeks and your fun weekends.

Two Bags in One Fashion Shoulder Bag

At first glance, this piece just looks like one of our classic leather shoulder bags. It comes in coral, stone, or even aqua if you like your color to really pop. The bag is square and unfussy, one of the most popular shapes in the top fashion houses of the world at the moment. The contrasting black front panel is actually a neat little black handbag that detaches from the main bag using a discreet zip. You can use this part as a clutch bag for evening or as a shoulder bag, if you attach the slim strap. Every element of both pieces is finished to perfection, including the gorgeous matching color trim in the lining of the smaller black bag.

Two Bags in One Fashion Shoulder Bag

Fashion Shoulder Bag

Fashion 2 Way Hobo Bag with Back Pack

This bag stays in one fixed shape but can still be worn in two totally different ways. You can keep it as a classic shoulder bag, or re-arrange the lightweight leather straps to wear it as a cute backpack. It comes in vibrant orange and red shades, or you could simply buy it in a classic black. It is a slimlined design, but still has a handy separate zip pocket on the front for easy access to important items.

Fashion 2 Way Hobo Bag with Back Pack

2 Way Hobo Bag with Back Pack

Fashion 3 Way Bag with Back Pack

If two bags in one is not enough for you, how about three? This bag could be the one for you. There is a sturdy leather handle built in at the top, as well as removable straps to wear it as a shoulder bag or backpack. When using it as a handbag, we recommend you store the spare straps inside so that you are ready to switch over to backpacking, quick as a flash. The inside of this bag is as gorgeous as you’d expect from a Modapelle number, with a beautifully patterned silky grey lining.

Fashion 3 Way Hobo Bag with Back Pack

3 Way Hobo Bag with Back Pack

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