Grow Up the Look: Punk 

Punk is a word with strong connotations, based in the counter-culture movements in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia in the 1970s. Punk fashion is reckless and carefree, with plenty of edge. The devil-may-care attitude is conveyed by plenty of black leather, black eyeliner and ripped jeans, offset by splashes of neon-bright color and heavy jewelry. It is a style that really sums up teenage rebellion and anarchic spirit, and you would be surprised how adding a touch of punk to your look can really spice up a stale wardrobe and make you feel sixteen again.

Punk Fashion

You may think that punk and high fashion are irreconcilable concepts, but you would be wrong. The fashion world has long admired the edgy daring style of punks, starting with Vivienne Westwood’s embracing of the genre and close association with the Sex Pistols in 1970’s London. Check out this slideshow of punk looks featured in Vogue over the years for some inspiration. Of course, for most people the dramatic combination of punk and couture is a little too much. In 2013, the famous New York Costume Institute Gala (or Met Ball) chose Punk: Chaos to Couture as their theme for the evening. Most of the celebrity guests opted for a classic evening look, with a slight punk twist in a nod to the theme. Browse through some pictures from the red carpet for some inspiration. We think the most successful outfits are those that pair a slick dress with a statement piece of jewelry, bag, shoes or makeup. A punk accessory is the perfect way to add a little rebellious style to your outfit without going overboard. Read on to discover our suggestions to help you ‘grow up the look’.

Punk Bags

Hand-painted Leather Crossover Bag… because punk doesn’t have to mean dark, it is really all about showing off your originality and flair. This is one of our popular long strap shoulder bags, which are perfect for people on the go. Choose a bright pink or orange and pair it with a leather jacket and big boots for the ultimate casual party look.

Hand-painted Leather Crossover Bag

Hand-painted Leather Crossover Bag

If the above is a little too much for you, and you’d rather have a bag that’s a little more reserved, look no further than our Patinni Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag with side layer decoration. It is one of our soft leather handbags, made of highest quality Patinni leather which is protected from wear and tear by the punk studs at the lower corners.

Patinni Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag with side layer

Patinni Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag with side layer

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