Color Blocking and Color Theory

Color Blocking was one of the biggest trends to hit the world of fashion in 2013, and judging by the latest catwalk shows, it is a trend that’s here to stay. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is the sartorial technique of including several large chunks of color in your outfit. This could mean just two colors, or as many as four. The colors can be contrasting, complementary, or a mixture of the two. You can experiment with this look over time and get bolder as you go along. You can use color theory to help you choose which colors to use in each outfit.

How to Color Block

The modern version of blocking works best with separates, for example trousers and vest, or skirt and blouse. This stops the look from being too “fussy.” If you are going to color block with a dress, keep the lines clean and neat, for example by wearing a shift dress with a contrasting blazer. Because color blocking can be a very bold look, you will want to keep every other element of the outfit sleek and simple. That means wearing slim or square cuts and avoiding patterns at all costs. Even fabrics that have a textured pattern all in one color, like flocking or corduroy, should be given a wide berth, as they can look messy. From afar, your outfit should look like neat, clear-cut shapes of color. Try using the same color for all of your accessories, contrasting them with your outfit. For example, try pairing this Fashion Shoulder Bag in orange with a similar orange belt and coral jewelry.

Color Theory

If you aren’t sure which colors to choose to start off with, try reading up on Color Theory. You may remember the color wheel from art classes at school; it displays all the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors together. Take a look at this great explanation of how a color wheel works on TigerColour to refresh your memory. We recommend that you pick either complementary colors, which are opposite each other in the color wheel or analogous colors, which sit next to each other.

A good example of a beautiful accessory that includes analogous colors is our Ladies Leather Multicomp Crossbody Bag in blue Hawaii, with its panels of vibrant blue and green. To work the look with complementary colors you could pair a bright yellow bag, like our sunny Large Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag in mustard, with a dress in deepest royal or brightest electric blue.

Ladies Leather Multicomp Crossbody Bag

Ladies Leather Multicomp Crossbody Bag

The current collection of Modapelle purses is perfect for color blocking. We’ve got purses in vibrant colors and purses that use color blocking in their design, too. They’re some of the most striking handbags in our collection.

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