Grow Up the Look: Goth 

Gothic fashion is one of the most interesting ‘street fashions’ of recent decades. Most underground styles involve some elements that look ultra-casual or even careless, although the look is really very carefully put together. Ripped t-shirts, bright sneakers and baggy jeans come to mind. Gothic style has its basis in glamorous Victorian mourning outfits and can therefore be quite elaborate. Goth fashion comes in many guises, but there are several mainstays: pale skin, dark eyes/lips, dark layered clothing, feminine shapes (i.e. corsetry) and luxurious fabrics. Here are some tips on how to add a goth flavor to your look.

Study the Masters

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld hosted his now infamous Soirée Moratoire Noire In 1977, where the dresscode was “totally black tragic,” goth style has been well and truly integrated into the fashion establishment. Designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Jean-Paul Gaultier have really embraced elements of goth on the catwalk, and these looks have become known collectively as “Haute Goth.” Have a look at Trendhunter’s slideshow of 73 gothic-inspired fashion editorials to give you some dark ideas.

Mix your Textures

Gothic outfits seldom include all the same fabric; usually the wearer likes to mix and match. A classic combination would be of velvet, satin, lace and leather. Steer away from dull, matte fabrics like cotton or denim. You will want your blacks to be of the deepest shade possible, and luxury fabrics can help to achieve this. Try pairing a black velvet dress and lace gloves with our Large Patinni Patent Leather Shoulder Bag to get different effects from the same color.

Large Patinni Patent Leather Shoulder Bag Polyvore

Polyvore by me – Large Patinni Patent Leather Shoulder Bag

Use your Femininity

Although goth fashion usually means steering clear of pale colors like pink, it nevertheless has a strong feminine element. After all, even male goths often wear makeup and lace. You should aim to be darkly glamorous when integrating elements of goth into your look, like our Black Flower Leather Wallet, which is adorned with dark purple flowers. This subdued shade adds beauty without adding cheer.

Play with Color

Goth outfits do not have to be black from head to toe. As long as they are in suitable fabrics and styles, rich reds, purples, blues and greens can be added. Aim for dark jewel tones and avoid anything that looks too modern or bright. Why not combine our dark red Travel Wallet with matching red gloves – long ones of course? Little accents of appropriate color will give you the ultimate goth glamour effect.

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