Grow Up the Look: Hip Hop

For those who grew up in the 1980s or early 1990s, what’s known as ‘old-school’ hip-hop might make you really nostalgic. Artists such as Grandmaster Flash and Salt-n-Pepa brought hip-hop to the masses, with their style copied by kids all over the world. Before long, the fashion industry was sitting up and taking notice, incorporating elements of this revolutionary new style into their collections. Although a lot has changed in hip-hop fashion over the years, there are some elements that are instantly recognizable, for instance high end athletic shoes, distinctive haircuts, and massive gold chains.


A really important element of the hip-hop look is sportswear, even if the wearer is not remotely athletic. Back in the day, these clothes looked cool and were practical for the city streets, but still carried the all-important designer labels. Brands like Adidas and Converse cashed in on the trend and sold thousands of warmup suits and pairs of shoes. You don’t need to dress in a full running outfit to give a nod to the trend, though. How about our cute bucket bag in lilac (item 2768 in our catalogue), which has two subtle ‘go faster’ stripes down each side, turning into the long strap at the top. It’s a grown up version of an athletic hop-hop look.


Hip-hop is considered synonymous with urban for a good reason; these looks grew from the street music scene of big cities like L.A., New York and Chicago. Many elements of the style reference those surroundings. Why not go one step further and reference urban art with your handbag? You can explore the dozens of shapes and colors of our hand-painted leather bags to find your favorite piece of wearable graffiti. You can combine vintage Tommy Hilfiger with our New Fashion Leather Bags to capture the bright, prep-inspired side of classic hip-hop.


You could definitely never accuse hip-hop fashion of being understated. When is comes to jewelry and accessories, the more luxurious, the better. Many hip-hop artists reference designers like Versace and Yves-Saint-Laurent in their songs and videos, with the designer brand worn like a badge of honor. Make like Kim and Kanye and work your own modern version of old-school glamour with our Pill Box Trolley and Makeup Bag. Traveling in style was never so effortless; the matching bold leopard print pieces do most of the work for you. Pair them with a simple outfit and huge shades for the ultimate ‘hip-hop on the road’ look.

Pill Box Trolley and Makeup Bag

Pill Box Trolley and Makeup Bag

Whatever your favorite hip-hop inspired look, Modapelle has the perfect purse to coordinate with it.

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