More Than a Purse

Sometimes, buying a bag is just about getting a beautiful new accessory that finishes off an outfit, and sometimes it has to be more than that. Many students and people who work freelance need the perfect bag to keep their equipment in, and it can be had to find one that’s the right size and shape and that’s stylish and easy to carry, too. If you are looking for a bag that fits a specific purpose, you’ve come to the right place. Modapelle stocks a wide range of bags of different styles and sizes, and they are all of the highest quality, so they will last and last, even if you use them every day.


For those whose careers involve being outside in all kinds of weather, without a doubt our Hayrer bags are the best option for work. Even if you find yourself on messy building sites as an architect or engineer, the high-tech fabric of a Hayrer bag will keep your equipment and paperwork safe and dry. Try our large Hayrer Multi Compartment Crossover Bag, which is big enough to hold files and folders. Or, if you just need somewhere to keep a few small tools and electronics, the Travel Bumbag could be for you, as it fits around your waist and has many pockets for easy access to all of your important items.

Hayrer Bag

Hayrer Bag

Arts and Crafts

Not all professionals work in an office and need a briefcase for their business papers. When working in the arts, you often need a bag that is easy to carry and that makes a good first impression. Writers, artists, dancers, photographers and musicians all need to take the tools of their trade with them, and they want to do it in style.

If you are in one of the artistic professions, our Handpainted Leather Bag with Backpack is ideal. It can be carried as a handbag or as a backpack, which keeps your hands free when you are out and about. If you work with your body, for example as a dancer, keeping a good posture is essential and having the weight of your bag evenly distributed is key to this. If you’re a photographer, your bag needs to be big enough to fit a high quality camera set-up. If you’re a model, you’ll need to be able to carry makeup and a change of clothes, and this bag fits the bill. You know that the leather will be soft and durable like all of our Modapelle pieces. Most importantly, your bag will look like no one else’s, ensuring you make your mark as a truly creative individual.

Handpainted Leather Bag with Backpack

Handpainted Leather Bag with Backpack

If you like a plainer look, you might prefer one of the Fashion Backpacks on page 10 of our Summer 2013/2014 catalogue. Try looking at page 12 of our catalogue for a selection of some of our best work bags, including the full range of Hayrer bags and all our ladies leather laptop cases. Painted bags can be found on pages 14 to 17.

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