Where Will Your Modapelle Luggage Take You?

We’re proud of our line of trolley bags and the other luggage we make at Modapelle. It’s practical without being boring. It will keep you on the move and looking good in the airport and on the street. With our printed Modapelle suitcases, who knows where you might be going next?

To the Notte Bianca in Rome?

Visit Rome in the first half of September to experience the Notte Bianca, or White Nights. Shops and restaurants will stay open until dawn. Museums will have dramatically extended hours, too. The streets will be lit up with live performances, including theater, dance and performance art. The White Nights are magical. You’ll never know what to expect around the next corner or in the warm glow behind the doors.

Plan in advance, pack light and stay centrally. The public transport will be packed, and parking will be even harder to find than usual. Modeapelle’s small trolley bags are great for a visit to Rome in early September. You’ll be perfectly in the spirit of the Notte Bianca.

To Fashion Week in Paris?

Visit Paris in the spring or the autumn for Fashion Week. Attend a fashion show at the Carrousel du Louvre. Explore the Champs Elysées and buy something that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Explore the small boutiques and pick out the hot new designers before they become household names. You’ll sip wine outside cafes and walk through the streets after midnight.

Luggage Sets - Trolley Bags And Luaggage Sets For Travelling

Trolley Bags And Luaggage Sets For Travelling

Paris fashion week isn’t the place for sweats and sneakers. You’ll need to look your best, so bring a set of Modapelle trolley bags and stay in the 7th Arrondissement if you can find a room. It will be a trip you’ll never forget.

To Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?

Visit Kong Kong in early February to take part in the fantastic New Year’s celebrations, which include festive flower markets, temples all lit up and filled with incense, sporting events, pageants, parades, processions and plenty of fireworks.

Twenty fourteen is the year of the horse, specifically, the year of the wood horse or the green horse. In Chinese astrology, the horse is a social animal, friendly, intelligent and competitive. Twenty fifteen will be the year of the sheep. The Chinese consider the sheep to be a personable, stylish, adaptable and community-minded creature. Whether you’re ready to fly out at a moment’s notice or you’re thinking about making long term plans, Modapelle luggage can take you to Hong Kong in style.

Why not take a look at our rolling suitcases and other luggage now? You’ll love the designs. They can stow away above the aisle when you’re traveling light and they’ll stand out on the carousel when you’ve checked your bags. With beautiful and stylish Modapelle trolley bags, we know that you’ll be planning the trip of a lifetime. You’ll be a jet setter with high fashion bags, time to discover the world and confidence to spare.

In our next blog we’ll talk about the Kardashian and hand painted leather bags.

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