Tights, Boots and a Multicolor Purse

Let’s talk about a look that’s always been cool and that’s coming more and more into fashion: knee-high boots, tights and a skirt. The look can be punk, it can be country, it can be cool and urban or it can be celebrity-stylish. It lends itself to color blocking because of the way the pieces are stacked: boots at the bottom, then tights or socks, then a skirt and then a top. Of course, the best way to accessorize this stylish look is with a Modapelle purse.

The boots

The first thing you need is a pair of high boots. Choose riding boots, cowboy boots or lace up boots. If you’re a fashion plate, then go for the most fantastic looking pair you can find. If you’re someone who walks a lot, then find a pair that’s durable and comfortable. The great thing about high boots is that the comfortable ones can look just as good as the ones designed for the runway.

The tights

Find some opaque tights. For summer tights, nylon/lycra and microfiber will give you the most saturated colors, the most comfortable fit and the longest life. For winter, look for wool or cotton-based tights. They have a cozy, furry texture and if they fit properly, they’ll be 100 percent opaque and they’ll keep your legs warm, too.

The skirt and top

Wear a miniskirt, a pencil skirt, an A-line or ballerina skirt. The skirt’s hemline is up to you, but make sure that the tights can be seen in between the skirt and the boots. Wear a shirt in a contrasting color or pattern. The colors you choose help to define the style. You can put together a look with elegant grays and off-whites, a look with bright color-blocking or a look in all black.

The purse completes the look

Whatever style and color scheme you choose, a Modapelle handbag is the perfect way to finish the look. We have color blocked purses for people who love to play with color and geometrically styled purses for people who like strong lines. We’ve got purses in bright colors and classic neutrals. For the ultimate in eye-catching style, carry one of our hand painted bags.

It works for everyone

Hand Painted Purses - Tights, Boots, Skirts, Tops and Modeapelle Handbags

Tights, Boots, Skirts, Tops and Modeapelle Handbags

Boots and tights can look good on a sixteen-year-old or on a 60-year-old. The look works equally well on women of all sizes and shapes. The tights add style and warmth, and they cover up any superficial imperfections on your legs. If you want a cool, confident and sophisticated look that’s a little sexy, then you can’t go wrong with tights, boots and a Modeapelle handbag.

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