Buy the Handbag You Really Want

You earn your own money and when you decide how to spend the flexible side of your budget, you know that a great experience is worth paying for. Tickets to see your favorite artist can leave you with memories that you come back to again and again. A night of fine dining and dancing with friends can make the extra hours at work seem worth it. How much do you spend per month on food, drinks and experiences?

A beautiful, stylish and meticulously designed and constructed handbag isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. It can make you feel good everytime you carry it. It’s something that expresses your style and gives you the tools you need to stay confident and well organized every single day.

Choose the Purse and Wallet You Really Want

Are you sick of settling? Is your purse or wallet a constant annoyance? Are there features of the design that just don’t work very well with the things you need to carry and with your way of doing things? Sit down and take a look at Modapelle’s full selection of handbags and wallets. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from that you’re sure to find the perfect design. We have compact bags and huge bags. We have purses with cross-body straps, purses with shoulder straps, backpack-purses and clutch purses. We have adjustable and convertible handbags. We have stylish and distinctive bags on wheels and wallets of every description.

Ladies Leather Wallets - The Purse And Wallet You Really Want

The Purse And Wallet You Really Want

Choose a Color, a Color Scheme or a Work of Art

At Modapelle, we’ve got handbags with sizes, shapes and details to suit almost everyone, but the outsides of our bags really stand out, too. Look at our durable, saturated colors and our hand painted designs. Every bag begins with top grade leather, but the styles range from traditional to cutting edge and from understated to bold.

We’ve got elegant neutrals if you’re looking for something that blends in. Alternatively, choose your signature color: red, orange, yellow, fuschia, teal or French blue. Choose one of our fun color blocked bags. They combine flexibility with distinctive style. If you’re really looking for a one-of-a-kind purse or shopping bag, then consider one of our whimsical hand-painted designs.

Ride Off Into the Sunset Together

When you need to touch up your hair and makeup, pay for a purchase, unlock a door, make a phone call or write a note to yourself, you reach for your handbag. Why not buy one that makes you smile every time you use it? Feel stylish. Benefit from a well thought out design. Experience the luxury of a Modapelle bag. You’ll be happy that you took the time to buy the purse you really needed and just as importantly, the purse you really wanted. You don’t need to ask for permission and you shouldn’t settle for less.

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