Four Trendy Modapelle Bags For Your Favorite Teenager

Wondering what to get your young daughter or niece for her birthday this year? It might be time to get her an ‘investment piece’, a cool and timeless bag that she will treasure for years to come. Young women feel good when they get a beautiful new accessory. She will always remember her first proper handbag, so make it a good one. Here are a few of our favorites.

Two Bags in One Fashion Shoulder Bag

Leopard Luggage Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag with Two Front Pockets

This leather shoulder bag has everything a girl could want in her first grown-up handbag. It comes in several colors and our favorite is the vibrant orange, which livens up any outfit with a high fashion splash of warmth. Phone, lipgloss, mirror, wallet… the separate zipping front pockets keep all those girly essentials organized. With a long strap for throwing over the shoulder, this bag is perfect for hanging out at the mall. It goes without saying that like all our handbags, it is made of only the finest leather, meaning that it will last and last.

Fashion Drawstring Bag with Back Pack

This stylish leather bag can be carried in no fewer than three different ways. Like many of our bags you can choose between using the handle and removing the long straps for a neat elegant look, or wearing it with the long strap slung over your shoulder. This bag has a third cool option: attach a second strap to the center to wear it as a casual drawstring backpack. Your teen can put her school books into it from Monday through Friday, then pack her PJs and face-masks for a sleepover on Saturday night.

Fashion Shoulder Bag with Full Flap

Some girls like to travel light, and they want a cute little bag that is just the right size for all their key indispensable items. This shoulder bag is minimal in its design, with clean lines and no chunky zips to be seen, just one neat flap finished with a tasteful silver catch. Our favorite is the cute pale blue leather, which is girly but still sophisticated.

Fashion Patinni Leather Bag

For girls who are a little more wild at heart, the Patinni Leather bag in Tiramisu is the perfect choice.  The leather is embossed in a tiger print pattern, and the stripes fade into each other in subtle shades of brown and taupe. Attention-grabbing without looking cheap, this is a luxury item for girls who enjoy the finer things in life. Of course, it also comes in classic patent black, but we think the fashion forward teen in your life will appreciate a bag that really makes a statement.

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