Why you’ll want to use Modapelle’s Leather Mist 

A good handbag is what’s known in the fashion world as an “investment piece.” Similar to a stylish coat or watch, it needs to go with the rest of your wardrobe in a timeless, classic way. Since you are likely to be using your most beloved bag pretty constantly, you will want to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it using a specially designed treatment. Our Leather Mist is a cleverly designed rejuvenation spray which shines, protects and preserves your bag in order to keep it looking brand new. Simply shake the bottle, hold it around 20 to 25cm away from the surface, and spray liberally.


For immediate results on a bag that is looking a little shabby, coat it in a fine spray of our mist and the leather is quickly restored to its original shine. Classic black and brown leather looks instantly sleeker after application of the mist, and patent leather is given a truly reflective sheen. Our Modapelle original brightly colored and patterned pieces are made instantly more vibrant when the spray brings out the color and gets rid of any dullness.


The leather mist gives a thin layer of protective coating to your bag. This helps to ward off damage from any environmental factors such as contact with water, grease or grime. Leather that has been treated is much easier to wipe clean, and most unsightly marks will be easy to remove. Conditioned leather is also less likely to catch on things and tear or fray.


Over time, even the finest quality leather bags can start to crease and buckle. Keeping the leather supple is of the utmost importance in slowing down this process. Once leather has lost shape, it can be difficult to restore. We recommend that you purchase our Leather Mist along with any new bag and begin treating it with this excellent preservative while it is still in brand new condition.


Of course, the mist can be used on other leather pieces as well; use it to shine boots, jackets, and even leather furniture. When you see what a difference it makes, we promise that soon you will find it indispensable. You can use the spray to condition almost every type of leather, including patent and hand painted leather pieces. However, please do not use it on suede or nubuck items. For more information about the spray, its contents and safety guidelines, please see our catalogue.


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