These Modapelle Bags are Perfect for Professionals 

A professional bag makes a good first impression in business. Find one, two or more that perfectly suit both you and your job: an attache case, a laptop satchel, a large bag with iPad compartment and/or business-friendly luggage.

Attache Cases

The most classic solution to all your business needs is an attache case. Our briefcases are slick and streamlined, and their reinforced hard outer shell makes them extremely robust. Make a good impression in a meeting by opening the case up to reveal the luxurious fabric fittings on the inside, including file dividers and compartments.

Laptop & iPad Business Satchels

Whichever profession you are in, your computer is bound to contain a huge amount of important (and maybe even sensitive) information. Look after it in style with one of our cool leather business satchels. These bags are designed in a chic vintage style, with high quality leather trim.

To make a bold statement, stash your computer in our red leather business bag, accented with brown zips and handles. There are differently sized pockets and compartments for your every device and personal item. Some are incorporated into the interior, and it also features zip pockets on the outside for easy access. The bag includes a removable long strap so that you can carry it hands-free and slung over your shoulder, if you prefer.

Black Flower with iPad compartment

Not all jobs require boardroom attire. If you work in a creative industry or your workplace has a casual dress code, you may want something a little less straight-laced than our suggestions so far. A favorite in our range, the Black Flower patent leather shoulder bag is now available with an exciting addition. This new design, available for the first time in our current catalogue, has all the same same attractive elements as the Black Flower, for example, the stylish metal chain fittings. It also has a neat little iPad compartment on the side of the bag, with a separate zip so you can get at your tablet easily.

Leopard Brown Set of Four Cases

Depending on your job, you might need to consider what to do about bags when you have to travel cross country, or even internationally, for meetings. This set features three suitcases of varying sizes, so there will definitely be one for every type of trip. Also included is a smaller matching case that fits within airline hand luggage restrictions. The best thing about these cases? You will always be able to spot them on the luggage carousel.

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